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Address Book
Church Constitution
HOUSTON PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH was constituted on July 24, 1943

  Having been requested by members of several churches to meet with them for the purpose of constituting them into an orderly Orthodox Church, we the under signed ordained help, formed ourselves into a presbytery, by electing Elder J. P. Dale as Moderator, and Deacon C. L. Wilson, Clerk. After which Brother Moderator called for letters. Those holding letters presented them. Letters were read and the presbytery being satisfied, received them as orderly and orthodox.
  Members received are as follows: Brother and Sister Jesse Osborn, Deacon J. N. McWilliams and Sister Bertie McWilliams, Sister Addie Kirby, Sister Louise A.Bridges, Sister Fannie Forbes, Brother T. B. Griffin and Sister Neta Griffin, Brother Starkey Hargroves, Brother A. I. Aldridge, Brother O. A. Cottrell, and Sister Geneva Morgan.
  By motion and second, Church Covenant was read and approved. By motion and second, Articles of Faith were read and approved. By motion and second, Rules of Decorum were read and approved. By motion and second, Elder Leonard Hill offered the Constitutional Prayer. By motion and second, Elder J. P. Dale delivered the charge, and the presbytery gave the church the right hand of fellowship, and set them apart as an orthodox orderly church.
  Elder J. P. Dale, Moderator
  Elder L. D. Hill
  Elder Woodrow Wilson
  Deacon C. L. Wilson, Clerk
  Houston, Texas,
  July 24, 1943.

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