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Poems and Articles
Here are some poems and articles we hope you enjoy:
(The articles are at the bottom below the poems.)

Poems: All Content © Copyright Ward Rowell 2005-2014
  Elder J. A. Rowell, Sr.: Andrew Rowell:
  Gleaning  (From the Book of Ruth) A Love Filled Home
  Song of Thanks Thankful
  Communion The Great Physician
  Saviour's Love Unearthly Time
  He Lives Assured Am I
  Resurrection I Know Who Wins
  The Gospel Fellowship
  The Bible Broken Glass
  Death of Christ The Dear, Dear Photograph
  Sing An Old Song You Are My Father
  The Guest I Hear You Laugh, I See You Smile
  Forgot To Pray If It Weren’t For the Time That You Two First Met
  Omnipotence The Hero Inside
  Omnipresent God Shed His Grace
  A Child Tolerance
  Faith You
  Doubts Me
  Salvation By Grace The Sense of Color
  Life Eternal Lovelier Than Nature
  Bright Morning Of Glory Time
  Gethsemane A Second
  The Good Shepherd A Pause
  The Shining Light Rural Road
  Grace Riches Small Town
  The Way Summer Skies
  The Open Door Crescent Moon
  Eternal Love Life of Dreams
  Walking With Jesus She’s My Sleep
  Quickening Spirit Tree Creaking in the Wind
  He Shall Not Fail Sick
  Mercy And Grace To Saddam
  Jesus Hears Up In the Wind
  Thank You Lord  
  A Child's Prayer  
  The Moth and the Flame  
Articles: All Content © Copyright Ward Rowell 2005-2014
  Elder J. A. Rowell, Sr.:  
  Rejoice All Ye Saints of God  
  A Song in the Night  

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