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Bright Morning Of Glory Bright Morning Of Glory:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

Bright morning of glory, when Jesus shall come,
To gather his jewels, and carry them home,
The graves shall break open, the saints shall arise,
To see the Redeemer, descend from the skies.

The glory of Jesus, shall transcend the day,
And transformed, our bodies shall never decay,
Oh sing, Holy Angels, this sacred refrain,
The Saviour, in glory, is coming again.

He is coming again, Oh wonderful sight,
Eternity gleams, like a star in the night,
Then breaks the glad morning, and time is no more,
We meet with our loved ones, on Heaven's blest shore.

Bright morning of glory, bright morning of joy,
Our Saviour is coming, the grave to destroy,
God grant in that morning, a welcome shall be,
For poor mourning sinners, unworthy like me.

Bright morning of glory, we long to be there,
To live on forever, his glory to share,
The gate shall swing open, the victory won,
Bright morning of glory, Christ sits on his throne.

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