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Eternal Love Eternal Love:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

Oh love that will not let me stray,
Or wander from the narrow way,
And that protects us day by day,
Our God's eternal love.

Oh. love, that will not let me go,
That only blessed children know,
Which from the living waters flow,
Sent from the Lord above.

Eternal love will never die,
Fills earth and heaven, sea and sky,
God loved us first and that is why,
We love our precious Lord.

A Saviour's love and love alone,
Impelled the Son to leave his throne,
To make an offering to atone,
According to his word.

Love did complete salvation bring,
While saints rejoice and angels sing,
Unto our Lord, our Priest and King,
His matchless name adore.

His everlasting love lives on,
Long after mortal life is gone,
When victory over death is won,
Love reigns forever more.

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