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God Shed His Grace God Shed His Grace:  Word Document
Poem written by Andrew Rowell.

Let me ask you, do you recall,
The shot heard ‘round the world?
Do you remember the all-in-all,
After which America unfurled?

Do you realize that the Civil War,
Is the only war we’ve lost?
And America defeated itself because of
All the dead lives’ cost.

Please don’t forget the second world war,
When the death toll was released!
And the only land we asked for was to
Bury our deceased.

Do you still hold the mem’ry,
Of when the towers fell?
Can you not remember that tragedy,
No words of mine can tell?

We’re Americans and for two-hundred-plus years,
United, we’ve stood tall.
Not republicans…and democrats…
Who, divided, start to fall.

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