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Grace Riches Grace Riches:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

What can I offer for my sin,
To pay the awful cost,
Eternal life, I cannot win,
Without it, I am lost.

Not goodness, wealth, and honored fame,
To heaven ever took,
A sinner, no inscribed his name,
In God's eternal book.

It takes the blood of Jesus Christ,
Who suffered, bled and died,
To pay our debts was sacrificed,
When he was crucified.

The riches of his wondrous grace,
All other wealth exceed,
By it the sinner finds a place,
To mourn his sins and plead.

The merit of a Saviour's blood,
Before God's royal throne,
The only offering which could,
For all our sins atone.

Abundant mercy, there is found,
To cover every sin,
A healing balm for every wound,
Which makes us whole within.

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