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He Lives He Lives:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

She came to the garden, while yet it was dawn,
As the morning breaks over the hill,
She came to the tomb, but the Saviour was gone,
The garden lies silent and still.

Oh, where has he gone, my dear Saviour so kind,
Who has taken his body away,
They have left his apparel and napkin behind,
Both folded and neatly, they lay.

As weeping and trembling, she knelt at the door,
Then a voice, whispered softly and clear,
The Saviour of sinners, the Friend of the poor,
Was standing beside Mary there.

Go tell my Apostles, that I have arose,
Go spread the glad message around,
Go carry the gospel, to all that I chose,
Let hope in the Saviour abound.
He has risen, Oh hear his most wonderful voice,
This message to sinners, he gives,
Free grace for salvation, the Angels rejoice,
Our Saviour has risen, HE LIVES.

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