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He Shall Not Fail He Shall Not Fail:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

Man is a failure, day by day,
Time will his works destroy,
The blessed Saviour is the way,
To everlasting joy.

The Bible says, He shall not fail,
His promises are sure,
Afflictions come and foes prevail,
Through grace, we shall endure.

His love shall never fail or fade,
He shall perform his will,
The covenant in faith he made,
He surely shall fulfill.

Behold his cross, the cruel nail,
Which pierced his hands and feet,
Although Christ died, he did not fail,
His death was not defeat.

As life's uncharted seas we sail,
Where stormy billows foam,
Our Captain, who shall never fail,
Will bring us safely home.

Lord Jesus Christ, thou shall not fail,
Let angels prostrate fall,
Before thy face and sing, All hail,
To Christ the Lord of all.

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