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I Hear You Laugh, I See You Smile I Hear You Laugh, I See You Smile:  Word Document
Poem written by Andrew Rowell.
August, 2003

When God gave up his only son
It was more evidence of his power.
For he saw the death of a dear loved one,
Who suffered for the hour.

I could never face that truth
If ever it was true.
Because I am still just in my youth,
And can't lose Dad or you.

I've worried days, and wept at night,
I've been through my version of Hell.
But by the miracles of God's great might,
You've come out healthy and well.

I now want to pray a while,
And put forth my thanksgiving.
For I hear you laugh, I see you smile,
You're with me and you're living.

Written for my mother after she got out of the hospital.

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