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I Know Who Wins I Know Who Wins:  Word Document
Poem written by Andrew Rowell.

Though waves should rise,
And my ship be tossed,
I shan’t make fuss,
Of anything lost.
Nothing on this earth
Can fill me with dread.
I am not worried
Of what lies ahead.

With Jesus my Savior as my guide,
As well as being by my side,
I shall not fret about the rising tide,
For in my Savior I shall abide.
Though tempests and snares should spring up in life,
And deaths of loved ones should cause pain and strife,
I shall not grow weary,
I shall not give in,
For the battle is closing,
And I know who wins.

With God watching over me from on high,
With great, great relief I heave a deep sigh,
For no matter the cause,
The second I die,
I shall be with the angels,
In heaven to fly.

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