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Life Eternal Life Eternal:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

Jesus gave us life eternal,
The redeemed shall never die,
In a home. prepared, supernal,
Meet, to never say goodbye.

Oh, the glory over yonder,
Where the saints immortal dwell,
Where they never more shall wander,
Never more to say farewell.

Neither sin, nor toil nor sadness,
Neither sorrow, grief or pain,
But eternal joy and gladness,
Where the saints shall meet again.

From the graves, where saints are lying,
Jesus calls them to the skies,
No more sickness, no more dying,
Where there will be no sad goodbyes.

Saints shall dwell with Christ forever,
In that home, eternal home,
Jesus calls and we shall never,
Perish, or shall never roam.

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