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Me Me:  Word Document
Poem written by Andrew Rowell.

My impurities are many
And are very plain to see,
But I wear them all with pride as I go on
Like my over-sized ears,
That are made fun of by my peers.
I recall their parents and all the laughing’s gone.

Though my eyesight isn’t special,
I just think of where I got it,
And all my doubts about it are erased,
And although my teeth aren’t straightened,
Their heritage cannot be greatened.
If I had the chance, they wouldn’t be replaced.

As I gaze into the mirror,
And I see my freckled face,
I think of where they came from and I’m glad.
There’s a cowlick in my hair,
But I hope it’s always there,
‘Cause I got it from my mother and my dad.

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