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Quickening Spirit Quickening Spirit:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

From dark despair, from sin and grief,
Lost in a desert place,
The Spirit brought me sweet relief,
Christ saved me, by his grace.

Though I was vile and full of guilt,
The Spirit quickened me,
I found the church, which Christ had built,
For grace had made me free.

Oh blessed hope, the Spirit came,
I felt the chastening rod,
I live to glorify his name,
In fellowship with God.

And now a Saviour's love I feel,
In him I am complete,
Before the throne of grace, I kneel,
I found a mercy seat.

The quickening Sprit gave me peace,
I never had before,
And when this mortal life shall cease,
I live forever more.

Now we can sing and preach and pray,
And worship Christ the Lord,
Led by his Spirit, day by day,
Our God's eternal Word.

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