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Rural Road Rural Road:  Word Document
Poem written by Andrew Rowell.

Crunch! says the gravel
Under the wheel,
Screech! say the tires
As they begin to peel.
The savory sweet scent,
Through an open window wafts.
As does the sound of a blackbird,
Who cackles and laughs.
The wind whips around the car,
Like hurricane winds do blow.
Trees gently sway,
Like pendulums, to and fro.
A bright sun peeks from behind a cloud,
Glinting, gleaming, in the glass.
I say goodbye to this mystical place,
As the openness starts to pass.
Entering the city, we’re welcomed,
By a harsh, rumbling clatter.
Leaving behind a dwelling of peace,
And all that really matters.

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