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Salvation By Grace Salvation By Grace:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

Salvation is by grace,
No other means can save,
The Saviour took the sinner's place,
To rescue from the grave.

Salvation is by grace,
By grace we are brought near,
By grace behold Christ's holy face,
The day he shall appear.

Salvation is by grace,
By grace and grace alone,
A counselor to defend our case,
Before the father's throne.

Salvation is by grace,
Sufficient for each woe,
We run with hope this earthly race,
Grace conquers every foe.

God with his mighty power,
Fills void and time and space,
Who saves by grace, through every hour,
Salvation is by grace.

Salvation is by grace,
Eternal life it gives,
Kept in the Saviour's fond embrace,
By race the sinner lives.

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