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Song of Thanks Song of Thanks:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

With thankful hearts, we praise the Lord,
With thankfulness we sing,
For all the blessings, he affords,
Our thankful songs we bring.

We thank thee Lord, for natural food,
And for the air we breathe,
Because thou art both, kind and good,
Great blessings, we receive.

We thank thee, for a mercy seat,
A place where we may plead,
For thou hast made all things complete,
Supplying every need.

Accept our thanks, in thankful song,
We sing of Jesus' love,
As sung by blessed blood-washed throng,
In Heaven's courts above.

This song of thanks, we humbly sing,
This prayer of thanks we pray,
To Christ, our Saviour, Priest, and King,
On this appointed day.

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