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Thank You Lord Thank You Lord:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

I come to the end of life's beautiful day,
The end of the journey, I view,
With heart overflowing, I gratefully say,
Sincerely, Dear Lord I thank you.

I thank you, Dear Lord, for each wonderful friend,
They have aided, my burdens to bear,
And when we have reached mortality's end,
We shall dwell together up there.

Had I the language of angels in heaven,
Just to find words of thanks to express,
For all of the wonderful gifts, thou hast given,
Which has brought me the true happiness.

We are thankful for church, and a Saviour to love,
For a Saviour who loves us too,
For a hope of bright glory, awaiting above,
For these blessings, Dear Lord, we thank you.

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