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Thankful Thankful:  Word Document
Poem written by Andrew Rowell.

Be thankful for what you own,
Do not take anything for granted.
Because it will not stop until itís grown,
When the seed of gratefulness is planted.

Remember to show your loved ones dear,
That youíre thankful more, and more, and more.
Because it might be the last thing they ever hear,
You never know what waits right outside the door.

Say you appreciate it as much as you can,
Say youíre sorry, say your prayers.
You donít need the sports car, just take the sedan,
You can keep whatís yours, but donít covet theirs.

Do not swallow more than you can eat,
Do not cry because you have no shoes.
People are starving and there are men with no feet,
Just remember you have much more to lose.

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