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The Bible The Bible:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

Oh Holy Bible, Book sublime,
How precious every sacred page,
Inspired and wrote in ancient time,
To comfort men in every age.
It tells us all we need to know,
And all the things we need to do,
In loving service here below,
Of doctrine and of practice too.

It was by holy men of old,
Moved by the Spirit of our Lord,
To write the things that they were told,
And thus we have the written word.
They wrote of Jesus and his love,
And how he died our souls to save,
And how he rules in heaven above,
Triumphant, rising from the grave.

We have in him, a throne of grace,
For he will hear his childrens' prayer,
To worship, we have found a place,
To leave our many burdens there.
Oh Holy Bible, precious book,
Within thy pages we my find,
A solace, when by faith we look,
A better life, a cleaner mind.

A comfort and a brighter hope,
A book to treasure and to read,
No other spans a greater scope,
No other fills a greater need.
Oh Holy Bible, sacred print,
Thy loving message doth confide,
A promise from a Husband sent,
A letter written to His bride.

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