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The Dear, Dear Photograph The Dear, Dear Photograph:  Word Document
Poem written by Andrew Rowell.

I hold the dear, dear photograph,
Fighting back some tears,
Of my grandpa, holding a tinier me
Way back thirteen years.

I grow the slightest bit angry
Because I was born too late
And just got to spend a mem'ryless year,
With a man who was so great.

And oh, how selfish I have been,
Thinking only of me.
My dad knew and loved this great, great man
Before grandpa was sent to He.

But God has granted me my wish,
Of a single memory with him,
Looking at pictures in a picture book,
But then, the memory grows dim.

Yet every time I hold the photo,
And think of how his light so shone,
I realize I'll meet him in a happier place
The greatest man I'd never known.

Written in memory of my grandfather, Elder J. A. Rowell, Jr.

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