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The Gospel The Gospel:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

The gospel is a sacred trust,
Glad tidings from our Saviour King,
Those who are called of Jesus must,
To little lambs, the gospel bring.

The gospel tells how Jesus came,
To save his people from their sin,
And heal the sick, the blind, the lame,
And comfort wretched, dying men.

Grace is the gospel's glorious song,
It sings of Jesus and his love,
Sung by redeemed and blood-washed throng,
Around the great white throne above.

The gospel filled with mighty power,
Will comfort souls in dire distress,
And turn men in their saddest hour,
From sorrow, into happiness.

The gospel is a sacred trust,
Bestowed upon God's chosen race,
By Jesus Christ, the good and just,
A Saviour full of truth and grace.

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