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The Sense of Color The Sense of Color:  Word Document
Poem written by Andrew Rowell.

Green smells of grass,
That is freshly mowed.
Green tastes of cucumber,
Its seeds long before sowed.
Green feels like glass,
As smooth as a sphere.
Green sounds like ringing,
A bell in my ear.

Red smells of strawberries,
A luscious vanilla cream.
Red tastes of cherries,
A delicious, sweet, dream.
Red feels so piercing,
Like a million tiny pins.
Red sounds like a beating drum,
Whose rhythm never ends.

Yellow smells of lemon,
An award-winning citrus ballet
Yellow tastes of butter,
And swiftly melts away.
Yellow feels so creamy,
Like ice cream under the sun.
Yellow sounds like a dog barking,
The echo never done.

Purple smells of flowers,
Every which one and kind.
Purple tastes of marshmallows,
Lightness and sweetness combined.
Purple feels like vapor,
A misty, airy, cloud.
Purple sounds like dropping water,
Pleasant, and not too loud.

Orange smells of fire,
Slowly kindling and burning.
Orange tastes of toffee,
Being stirred, mixing and churning.
Orange feels like clay,
Ever so gently molded.
Orange sounds like a crying infant,
Who has recently been scolded.

Blue smells of berries,
Freshly picked from the vine.
Blue tastes of cake frosting,
With flavors simply divine.
Blue feels like a bed sheet,
Rippling like ocean water.
Blue sounds like a family,
Son, Father, Mother, Daughter.

Each color has a texture,
Each color has a flavor.
Each color has a noise,
And a smell that we might savor.
And while as individuals,
Our senses may not be satisfied.
But put them in a rainbow,
And your senses will be gratified.

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