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The Shining Light The Shining Light:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

The light which shined in Galilee,
Has shed its glow afar,
Across the sky, the land and sea,
And reached to where we are.

Oh, was it dimmed on Calvary,
And quenched, the holy spark,
The light which shined, Oh can it be,
Extinguished, all is dark?

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
You did not know your King,
He who was borned in Bethlehem,
Salvation to you bring.

Has hope now fled, salvation lost,
When Jesus Christ was slain,
Oh no, behold at Pentecost,
The light now shines again.

Oh, holy light, Oh blessed light,
From Jesus glorious throne,
Is shining through time's gloomy night,
The light of Christ shines on.

The Holy Spirit, light divine,
Shall light our weary way,
Illuminates your heart and mine,
Until eternal day.

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