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The Way The Way:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

Christ is the way, the only way,
Alone by him, we come,
He gives us life, the right to pray,
And he will bring us home,
As he is true, his word is truth,
His promises are true,
Blest be the child in tender youth,
Who learns his will to do.

He is the life, all life must spring,
From Christ and Christ alone,
There is no life in anything,
Where Jesus has not sown,
He is the life, he is the light,
Without him, all is dead,
Where he is not, how dark the night,
Without him, hope is fled.

No man can come unto our God,
But by our blessed Lord,
The dead remains, beneath the sod,
Without his quickening word,
Christ is the way, the living way
Nor let us turn aside,
Oh, could I with him ever stay,
And ever there abide.

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