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Walking With Jesus Walking With Jesus:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

Walking with Jesus, nothing can sever,
Walking with Jesus, holding his hand,
Walking with Jesus, walking together,
Seeking his counsel, heed his command.

Walking with Jesus, walking with Jesus,
Pleasures of life an never compare,
Earth and her riches, ceases to please us,
When we have Jesus leading us here.

Walking with Jesus, walking beside us,
Walking with Jesus, leading us on,
Friend and companion, ever to guide us,
Walking with Jesus, never alone.

Walking with Jesus, what a great favor,
Glorious church, united in love,
Held by the hand of Jesus, our Saviour,
Led by his Spirit, sent from above.

Soon we shall reach the portals up yonder,
Soon we shall come to heaven's bright land,
Ended our sorrows, never to wander,
Living with Jesus, safe in his hand.

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