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You You:  Word Document
Poem written by Andrew Rowell.

These past few months Iíve been with you,
My life has turned around.
It seems youíre just the person
To get me up off the ground.

When I am asleep,
Youíre in every dream.
They turn into nightmares,
When you canít be seen.

Of all of my fears,
Losing you is the worst.
Just the plain thought of you
Makes my heart want to burst.

Iíll do anything
At the sound of your voice.
If thereís a decision,
Then you make the choice.

To please you shall be
My number one goal.
From now on Iím yours,
Not in part, but the whole.

Before this poem draws to a close,
I must make one confession:
You may not know this now,
But youíre my one obsession.

So now I always think of you,
Whether day or night.
And if loving you is something wrong,
Iíll never, ever be right.

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