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If It Weren’t For the Time That You Two First Met A Pause:  Word Document
Poem written by Andrew Rowell.

If it weren’t for the time that you two first met,
None of us would be here in this room.
None of these people would be together, I bet.
And for me, well, basically, that would spell doom.

Now the thought of that puts me in a pretty bad mood.
None of your grand children would’ve ever grown.
We couldn’t enjoy your wonderful food.
And none of our family would ever be known!

Now, think of “the girls”*; they’d be in a pound!
(Someone help Granddad, I think he’s turning blue!)
And then all the trips to the gambling towns,
You just never know it could change that, too.

So think about that, and think about this:
That’s umpteenth lives you can just plain forget.
And all of this fun that we would miss,
If it weren’t for the time that you two first met.

* Grandad’s dogs
Written for my grandparent’s anniversary

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