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The Moth and the Flame The Moth and the Flame:  Word Document
Poem written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

Published in the Banner of Love

The somber shadows of the night,
Blot out the summer day,
Around the glittering candle light,
The moths begin to play.
Around they circle, without fear,
A very dangerous game,
Closely, playing very near,
To be caught in the flame.
Oh gaudy, brilliant colored fly,
Why are you not aware,
When you have seen your comrades die,
Caught in the candle’s snare?
A fascinating, drawing power,
For all moths, must exist,
Within the flame at twilight hour,
Which they cannot resist.
As we traverse life’s devious path,
At every crook and turn,
We see examples of the moth,
A lesson we should learn.
We often look and then forget,
The certain deadly fate,
We, too, are caught fast in the net,
That surely does await.
Do we act really wiser than
The moth that kissed the flame?
We watch the fall of sinful man,
And follow on the same.
Beware the candle flame’s allure,
At morning, noon and night,
And flee the things which are impure,
Which hinders upward flight.

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