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A Song in the Night A Song in the Night:  Word Document
Article written by Elder J.A. Rowell, Sr.

Published in the Banner of Love, July, 1969

Several years ago, I went to my appointment with a heavy heart. My wife was in the hospital. She had been very sick for many weeks, and the doctors had just told me that they could not guarantee that she would ever be well again.
As I sat there in the church feeling low and commiserating with myself, all my savings gone, heavy in debt at the bank, and no hope for the future, I was in the dark. Night had crept into my soul. I asked some of the brethren to take my place, but they all refused, and I knew that I could not preach at that time. Then the last song was sung. I remember it well, “Brethren we have met to worship, and adore the Lord our God.” As the congregation sang this song, I sat with head bowed, then suddenly my heart was lifted in glory and light filled my soul, and I realized that we had met to worship, not to be sad or pity myself, and my burden rolled away as I stepped into the stand, calling to remembrance my song in the night. I left the church, humbled, but rejoicing in a Saviour’s love.
There is a song in which the poet expressed this thought: “Oh the night of time soon shall pass away and the happy golden day will dawn.” This is true and taught by our Lord that He will return and carry His children home to glory, where it will be eternal day and the night of time will be gone forever, and we shall hear the new song, as sung by the redeemed saints.
Until then, let us call to remembrance, our song in the night.

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