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Address Book
Church Covenant
We believe and covenant ourselves together to these articles:

1. That the visible church of Christ is a congregation of true and faithful believers who have gained Christian fellowship with each other and have agreed to live together in love and keep up a Godly discipline according to the New Testament and ought therefore to be inaccessible to the wicked and unrighteous, also exempt, separate and distinct from all institutions or human combinations unauthorized by the scriptures.
2. That Jesus Christ is the Great Head of the Church and only law-giver, that the government is with the body and is the privilege of each individual. Gospel discipline should be used to preserve peace and order in principal or practice and should be kept up faithfully for God's glory and the peace and unity of the church.
3. Water baptism (by immersion), the Lord's supper and washing the Saints' feet are ordinances of the Lord and His Kingdom and should be continued until His second coming.
4. True believers in Christ are the only proper subjects of baptism and immersion is the only proper mode.
5. None but regularly ordained, orthodox and orderly ministers have a right to administer the ordinances of the Church.

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