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Address Book
Rules of Decorum

1. There shall be (God willing) a regular conference in each month and others if the church shall order them, which shall be composed of members present of the church, each member enjoying equal privilege.
2. The conference then formed, the Moderator shall have the power to govern according to the rules herein after written.
3. The Moderator shall be considered the judge of order and shall have a right to call to order when there is disorder.
4. Members not satisfied with his decision may appeal to the Church during the same conference but at no other time.
5. But only one member shall speak at a time, who shall rise to his feet and on obtaining permission from the Moderator, proceed.
6. The Moderator, when addressed by a member for permission to speak, shall signify the same by naming the person or otherwise.
7. No member shall be interrupted while speaking, except by the Moderator, who shall interrupt him if he departs from the subject or uses words of personal reflection.
8. All motions, made and second, shall come under the consideration of the church unless withdrawn by the person who made it, and each case shall be disposed of before another case is offered.
9. When a question is taken up after allowing time for debate, the Moderator shall take the voice of the Church on the subject. The members on the affirmative of the question shall signify the same by the raising of their right hand and those on the negative by the same sign, after the affirmative has voted.
10. No member shall speak more than three times on the same proposition without permission, nor more than once until every member wishing to speak shall have spoken; nor shall any proposition be made to close the discussion, until the debate has been carried through.
11. The appellation of brother shall be used in the church by the members in their address one to another.
12. No member shall be tolerated in any practice which tends to interrupt public speaking.
13. The Moderator shall be entitled to the same privileges of speaking as any other member provided he appoint another to his seat, but shall not vote on any question unless there is a tie, then he shall cast the deciding vote.
14. Any member violating these rules shall be reproved by the Moderator, but only on the same conference day.
15. Any member absenting himself from conference meeting until it becomes painful to the church shall be asked by the church to give legal reasons.
16. It shall be the duty of the membership to place all finances in the hands of the deacons in order that they will be enabled to keep a correct record of the financial welfare of the church and its Pastor and the deacons shall make monthly report of same to the church.
17. It shall be the duty of the deacons to kindly and lovingly admonish the church to their scriptural duty as to the welfare of the church and its pastor.
18. No person, Pastor or otherwise, shall be elected to act as Moderator of any conference meeting who is directly involved in confusion.
19. All questions shall be decided on by a majority vote, except touching fellowship, which must be unanimous.
20. It shall be the duty of the Clerk or Moderator to read these rules in conference once each year, and oftener if desired.
21. Amendments or alterations may be made to these rules whenever the church may think proper.

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